Path to getting certified in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has been pushing Teams for the last few years and it has had some truly exceptional growth over this time. However when COVID-19 hit in March 2020, it reached record high usage and actually crashed under the massive increase due to home working. This tool is set to become one of the most used collaboration tools of all time. But what is the ideal path one should follow to become an expert in deploying and managing this tool? This is the path I’d recommend:

  • If you don’t already have a Microsoft Learn account be sure to sign up for a free one and then head to the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals lesson. You will need to complete this fundamentals course first.
  • Once you’ve completed studying the free course mentioned in point 1, be sure to certify yourself by completing the MS-900 exam. Please note that for this step, there will be a fee payable to Microsoft to write the exam.
  • Once you’ve pass the MS-900 course, you will then need to obtain the MS-700 exam. This will require you to do two learning pathways:
  • Once you’ve studied the above two courses/learning pathways, you should then be ready to write your MS-700 exam. The reason you had to do the MS-900 exam first is because it was a prerequisite for MS-700 exam.

The above four steps should give you a deep understanding of Microsoft Teams as well as obtain the official certifications.